Stiles comes across a wolf, bloody, broken and an arrow sticking through his side on his way back from his Grandmother’s house. He helps the wolf by removing the arrow and tossing it away before removing his red hoodie and wrapping it around the whining wolf. Stiles turns to see the bastards who shot the wolf running away. When he turns back to check the wounds the creature was gone and in it’s a place a man. A beautiful man. A beautiful naked man. Stiles was confused, wondering where the wolf was when he saw a patch of blood in the same place as the wolf and a wound healing right before his eyes. The man got up but Stiles was to flabbergasted to say anything. His mouth opened and closed as he tried to speak but nothing would come out. The man looked at him.

"You’d swear you never seen someone naked before," he smirked.

Stiles finally got his mouth working.

"Naked? Naked??! I couldn’t care less if you’re naked or not!"

Stiles was lying, no matter the circumstances he very much appreciated the view but there were more pressing matters.

"You were a wolf and now you’re a man. What the hell?!"

The man or wolf-man Stiles decided to call him just smirked and walked away with his precious hoodie so of course he followed.

And so the tale began.

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